Landscape Maintenance and Management

We also enjoy building and working with vegetable gardens and can offer our services in this area as well. We have experience working with desert soils and growing food in the desert climate and therefore know exactly what your garden needs to be successful and nourishing in body and soul.

Our extensive experience in caring for landscapes in the desert environment ensures that we will do what needs to be done to keep your landscape attractive, sustainable and in good health for many years to come. 

Our approach to seasonal pruning, attention to plant health through nutrition and proper water management provides the best results for lasting landscape quality and development.

The Trident Team has tremendous knowledge of plants, soils, and water systems at its disposal, to ensure that our clients' landscaping goals are achieved.  This includes implementing expert pruning techniques to shape and maintain the natural form of plants and to promote good health for optimal quality. We use only top quality soils and fertilizers with the ability to create custom fertilization schedules targeted to the particular needs of our clients.