We can design

and build:

Paver Patios and walkways, fire pits and water features. Shade structures, custom built trellises lighting Installations and of course award winning, heart warming, and breath taking landscapes!

We have experts in horticulture working on our staff and best landscape practices are implemented for top quality and longevity of the project.

We revel in the creation of naturally peaceful spaces for people to enjoy their home.

We are always excited when we hear our clients say, "I would like a water feature or a fire pit" because we have many resources to create custom designs and fabrications.

Inspired by natural arroyos, we often use natural materials to create beautiful drainage systems that work.

We are proficient at design and installation of outdoor lighting systems to showcase the beauty of the landscape at night as well. 

Our Inspiration

Design and  Construction

We begin every project by establishing our clients' vision and highest priorities for their landscape. We design and build our landscapes very meticulously keeping in mind environmental factors and the needs of our clients. We relish the process of finding creative solutions that are cost effective and inspirational.  

​We have the capability and capacity to take your landscape project from its current state to one that comforts and inspires you. Whether your needs are big or small, what stands out in our projects is always our dedication to quality.​ We have expert experience and knowledge in the fields of "water smart" irrigation, soils, horticulture, and landscape lighting.

We drive our greatest inspiration from the nature around us here in the Mojave Desert. The owner and CEO of Trident, Pete Duncombe, was born in northern Nevada and has felt a deep connection with the Big Sagebrush in the Great Basin. The Big Sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) is the Nevada State Flower and the inspiration for our logo, as well as our name, due to its distinctive three lobed leaf.