We will transform your landscape into a sustainable outdoor paradise for you and your family, your friends, and your community to enjoy.

- Trident Promise

All pictures on this website, unless otherwise specified, are actual photos taken by members of the Trident Team from landscapes designed and built by Trident Landscape Management team members!

What's in our name?

Our company is founded on the principle of enduring beauty within the landscape. We drive our greatest inspiration from the nature around us here in the Mojave Desert. The owner and CEO of Trident, Pete Duncombe, was born in Northern Nevada and has felt a deep connection with the Big Sagebrush in the Great Basin. The Big Sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) is the Nevada State Flower and the inspiration for our logo, as well as our name, due to its distinctive three lobed leaf. We strive to build landscapes that will stand the test of time through smart planning, design, and precise execution of installations. We also work hard to manage and maintain the landscapes we build to ensure they are cared for properly. In other words, we care about the landscape and will do everything possible to make your landscape beautiful and enduring. 


At Trident Landscape Management, we are dedicated to mastering the integration of art and science to create distinctly beautiful landscapes that endure the Mojave Desert climate.


"We design and create your own sustainable outdoor paradise"